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I am a Physical Therapist in private practice in Hong Kong for 19 years using a very unique technique called Microcurrent therapy which can speed up the recovery of cells in fraction of a second as it awaken the inherent healing power of our body cells. I have a strong belief that when you want to do something, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it. God helps me to figure out ways to turn bunions back to normal shape without surgery, to make a badly crushed hand back to 98% recovered and go back to work as a decorator. I can rejuvenate the sagging face & bring back the sharp features of middle age men & women. So my work is very fulfilling and challenging that it turns out I am not working but everyday is full of fun & achievement.
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I would like to travel around the world to teach more people to do this fun & meaningful health & beauty promoting business for the benefit of the quality of life and longevity of the population
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Youtube on microcurrent, milly ng, central physio, Low back pain, nasal allergy, cerebral palsy, neck pain, hallux valgus...
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Australian Physical Therapy Association
Hong Kong Physical Therapy Association
BSc in Physiotherapy Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Certificate in Acupuncture by SPACE of University of Hong Kong
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