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Community Guidelines

The following Community Guidelines are designed to make Public Speaking Space a safe, interesting and useful place to have discussions about public and professional speaking.

Just Be Yourself
If possible, use your own name or a nickname, not the name of your business. We love being on a first name basis and it's more social.

Get Involved
Search the site for topics that interest you. Share your knowledge with other members. Keep your profile updated.

Engage In Polite Conversation
If we want to have a positive and constructive community, we all have to strive to be kind and respectful when interacting with others and commenting on postings.

Stay On Topic
Public Speaking Space is a place for the exchange of ideas related to public speaking. To keep the discussion focused and flowing, post your comments on the ongoing discussion in that specific area of the website. If a comment is off-topic, out-of-context or cross-posted, we may remove it to keep the conversation meaningful.

Beware… The World Is Watching
Chat with other members and share what you are comfortable with. Be aware that everyone on this site can read what you post. And when we say everyone, we really mean everyone! This is no different from any other social media platform out there today. So, act accordingly.

No Defense For Offenders
Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our highest priority, and violating any of these guidelines may result in suspension from Public Speaking Space.

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