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The Social Network for People Interested in Public Speaking

How do I get started

Public Speaking Space is a social network whose goal is to create a place where public speakers can come to learn and exchange information. Members have their own profile page and can submit photos and videos, as well as take part in chat discussions, and submit content.

How do I get started?

  1. Begin by signing up for Public Speaking Space here. Signing up is fast and free.

  2. After you signed up, you’ll be able to personalize your profile page with your unique user name and profile photo.


What can I do after I become a member?

From here, you can access many features including members, forums, videos, photos, and blogs.

Want to learn more? Click the links below.

Creating an account

Creating my profile

Uploading photos

Uploading videos


Adding a blog to My Page

Adding an image to a blog

Browsing forums

Searching for members

Community Guidelines

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